The German company Gold&Silver Physical Metal is an investiment trader of metal in bars(gold,silver, platinum and palladium)
They are based in munchen, Germany.
In 2010 they open in Dubai, an online company named Emgoldex.
The intention is for trade in investiment gold through the internet.
Emgoldex is an opportunity for you to create your own capital at the expense of understanding the idea of how you can earn permanently and consistently, and how favourably you can apply your work in the development of additional income in the form of regularly arriving compensation, on which the bars of investment gold will be purchased.

with this method Emgoldex assures an expanding market in a selling production, and you (client) a payment for professional advertising and profit sharing by the company.

-your investment can be of 150 euros if you dont want to invest a lot. or the full package of 540 euros.
-your risk is zero! that is right, if no profits are done you will receive your investment back.
-your income will be 11X more.
- it will take about 2 months to complete the process.

why invest with work4results:

- we will provide you all the information needed to complete the plan
- a sponsor will assist,help,and ensure everything goes the right way.
- we will show you how to create a team and join us and keep generating earnings from emgoldex.
- all people who visit us and wants to join Emgoldex will be on the same boat and the results will be much more quicker for you.

for further information about the concept, investiment, revenue,how it works, everything, just send an email to:


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